My name is Alex

I'm a creative software engineer who loves creating awesome Web Applications and Mobile Games.

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My Services:

Front End Engineering: Developing for client side has become very complicated. I have experience working with the most modern workflows and build tools. I always shoot for separation of concerns so that code stays maintainable and new features stay low in cost.

Web VR & ThreeJS: With VR you can create the most engaging experiences for your product. Web technologies have caught up with VR tech, and are becoming more accesible every year. Adopting these emerging technologies will ensure your brand stays in the cutting edge.

Web Animations: Love creating unique animations and enjoy them even more when they are made with pure CSS. I've worked with a variety of tools out there like Greensock, Textillate, CSS & good old jQuery. Using these subtly & in good taste always goes a long way.

Responsive Sites: Cmon it's 2018! Your site MUST BE fully responsive. I'm very comfortable using a variety of grid libraries for this (Bootstrap, PURE) & creating my own if necessary. Responsiveness should not be challenge for a front end developer. ;)

Back End Development: This is where it all comes together. Hooking everything up to your services & core functionality of your site. I have experience building CRUD apps, CMS systems, video player integrations, real time SMS texting and notifications & more.

API Development & Integration: Connecting with 3rd party APIs can help your app offer a more unique and expansive user experience. API calls are usually pretty simple to handle on their own, but managing them efficiently and connecting them into your sytem? You need a pro for that.

Databases: Experience in relational or non-relational Databases. Depending on your site and your needs it might be very important which to pick. I have experience with mySQL & Mongo DB.

Mobile Games: Experience creating 2D cross platform games in Corona SDK, it doesn't get more fun than this.

My Projects


HTML5, CSS3, EJS, Javascript, jQuery, Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Bounce.js, Multer, AWS, Youtube API


Youtube clone that grows with user generated content. You can upload videos by registering an account and using the API upload feature. You paste the link of the youtube video you want to upload, and the app will ingest the API response. It will save this meta data in a Mongo Database, and create a new RESTFUL video route in the app where you can play the video, see related content, description, likes, and comment with your username.


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Wordpress, MailChimp


We Learn JS is a Javascript tutorials site built in Wordpress. The theme was customized to create and support custom features like indexing and a few style and UI color choices. MailChimp was integrated to obtain user emails and handle the site's newletter.


HTML Email, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bounce.js, SVG, Textillate, Nodejs, Express, NodeMailer


A one page application rich with subtle animations and UI customizations. Despite heavy customizations the site is 100% responsive and cross-browser functional. A simple Nodejs backend serves metadata, and handles contact form messages via NodeMailer.


LUA, Corona SDK, Photoshop, App Store, Push Notifications


Fully customized iOS (iPhone & iPad) application. Live on the App Store since May 2016. It features customizable alarms and touch sound effects. A native music player to open user's itunes library, create a playlist and play music while the app is used. Timer runs in the background and sends a push notification on completion.


My Tech Stack

Some of the technologies I use: React, Javascript, Angularjs, jQuery, THREE.js, SVG, Bootstrap, Nodejs, Express, MongoDB, PHP, mySQL, Git, NPM, Karma, Jasmine, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, and a few more.

Contact Me

You can reach me at:

Phone: 347-618-0639


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